MMM - 2012

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Multiferroic and Multifunctional Materials                              see also official web-site of IIP

organized in International Institute of Physics (IIP), Natal Brazil

from  Monday  April 09, 2012    to  Friday, April 20, 2012

by     José Antonio Eiras, University of Sao Carlos, Brazil
and    Igor  Lukyanchuk   University of Picardy, Amiens, France


New:      Program: Key lectures, Tutorials, Presentations
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This Workshop is to bring together the world ' s leading experts, both from Universities and industry, working on the problems of multiferroics and related materials (Ferroelectrics, Ferromagnets, Relaxors, Ferroelastics, etc) and their application in HT industry to ensure the dissemination of their knowledge and innovative ideas ranging from fundamental to applied areas of Physics of Multifunctional Materials. By its nature, the subject "multiferroics" unifies the field of ferroelectricity and magnetism, that traditionally were the subject of research of different groups. Therefore the workshop will encourage inter-domain collaboration, and to share experience of these different research fields with one another. In this way, we intend to foster the exchange of ideas and methods, to highlight the apparent and the hidden similarities of different ferroic systems and approaches, and to stimulate new and fruitful cooperation across subject frontiers, and between experimental and theoretical groups.

The range of topics includes:

- Ceramics and thin films processing of multifunctional materials,
- Nanoscale Multiferroics and 3D geometries, domains, vortices, skyrmions in multiferroics
- Synergy of Multifunctional properties : Ferroelectricity, Magnetism, Ferroelasticity and Superconductivity
- Theory and ab initio modeling
- Applications, ferroics-based nonvolatile memories,
- Tunneling Microscopy and visualization of multiferroics structures

Participation of limited numbers of MS and PhD students and young researchers, mostly from Brazil and Latin America countries will be supported by IIP. The special tutorial courses will be arranged to facilitate the introduction to  subject of key-lectures of Workshop. Participants will be selected on the competitive basis. 

see also previous ARW PHYSCOMPTECH organized by J.A. Eiras and I. Luk'yanchuk  
Workshop in Natal - MMM - 2012,
Apr 3, 2012, 5:57 AM