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Travel plans of key-speakers and participants: arrive  and departure from Natal airport


          List of key-speakers  list of confirmed participants, affiliations, tentative talks titles etc.   
        DOODLE schedule planning 
          Speakers of Porto Mini-symposium (to be done...)
          List of Travel support (from abroad)
Titles and Abstracts of presentations


    List of Participants  MS PhD PostDocs, Profs. .. (not yet classified according priority)  Application of young researchers and students to participate in MMM
Titles and Abstracts of Participants 

MMM Applications, History etc.

  MMM Application    subm. May 17, 2010, IAC IIPasked to elaborate the detailed Project

  MMM Detailed Project,    subm. Jul 14, 2010 according to recommendations of IAC IIP, approved  Jul, 28, 2010

  Addendum to the Project  elaborated according to new recommendations of IAC IIP; subm. Jul 22, 2011

                      History: Correspondence with IIP, Recommendations of IAC IIP etc.