Program OLD

Orlando AucielloArgonne National LaboratoryUSA Science and technology of multifunctional oxide and ultrananocrystaline diamond thin films
Juras Banys Vilnius University Lithuania Broad band dielectric spectroscopy of ferroelectrics 
Agnes Barthelemy CNRS/Thales, France; Potential of  tunnel junctions with ferroelectric tunnel barrier as artificial multiferroics
Alexandr BratkovskyHewlett Packard, USA Anisotropic strain and electric field effects and a problem of memory in nanoferroics
Serge Brazovski Univ. Paris-Sud France Ferroelectricity and charge ordering in organic conductors  
Andres Cano ESRF, France,  Spiral multiferroics as pseudo-proper ferroelectrics: thin film properties
Gustau Catalan Univ. Autonoma da BarselonaSpain On the surface of multiferroic BiFeO3 
Zheng Gai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA Surface of Perovskite Manganites
Sergio Gama UNIFESP, Brazil Application of Magnetocaloric Materials in Thermomagnetic Devices 
Marty Gregg, Univ Belfast, UKDomain Behaviour in Nanoscale Single Crystal Ferroelectrics
Alexander Golubov University of Twente Netherlands Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism
Alexei Gruverman, Univ. Nebraska USA, Electric modulation of magnetization in ferroelectric-ferromagnetic heterojunctions
Ram Katiyar, Univ. Puerto Rico, Investigations on nanostructured magnetoelectric multiferroic thin films
Daniel Khomskii, Univ. Koeln, Germany Coupled electricity and magnetism in frustrated systems
Tsuyoshi Kimura Osaka University Japan Current progress on spin-spiral magnetoelectrics
Natacha Kirova LPS, CNRS,  France Ferroelectricity in carbon-based materials: optoelectronic multifunctionality
Manuel Henrique Lente UNIFESP, Brazil Ferroelectric domain dynamics in ferroelectric ceramics at low and high electric fields regime
Igor  LukyanchukUniv. Amiens, France, Nano-domains in multifunctional materials 
Ricardo Lobo, ESPCI-CNRS, France, Infrared spectroscopy of the magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic materials
Malik Maaza iThemba Labs, South Africa,Photo-induced tunability in nano-structured oxides
Valmor Mastelaro São Carlos, USP, Brazil Short-range order and electronic structure of ferroelectrics and multiferroics materials
Adilson J A de Oliveira  São Carlos, Brazil Magnetosctrition and Magnetoelectric effects in low temperatures 
Aime Pelaiz Barranco, Havana University, CubaResearches on Ferroelectric Materials in Havana University: a general overview
Alain Pignolet, INRS-EMT, Canada, Compressively-Strained Strained films of Bi2FeCrO6: a Promising Multiferroic at Room Temperature
José Pedro Rino  São Carlos, BrazilMolecular Dynamics of ABO3 system 
Stephen Rowley University of Cambridge, UK Ferroelectric superconductors
Ivair Santos UEM, Maringa, Brazil Structurally tuned multiferroic state in in BiFeO3-based polycrystalline compounds 
James Scott, Cambridge, UKBirelaxors
Sergio Sombra UFC, Brazil Magneto-dielectric matrix composites to RF and Microwave applications.
Jean-Marc Triscone, Univ. Geneva , SwitzerlandNovel phenomena at oxide interfaces
Matthias Wuttig, RWTH-Aachen, Germany,  Phase Change Materials:  From Optical Data Storage to Novel Electronic Memories
Pavlo  ZubkoUniv. Geneva , SwitzerlandTuning the electronic properties of perovskite nickelates