Key lectures

- Magnetostriction and anisotropy effects at low temperatures in multiferroic composites

Adilson J. A. de Oliveira, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil

- Science and Technology of Multifunctional Oxide and Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) Films and Applications to a New Generation of Multifunctional Devices/Systems

Orlando Auciello, Argonne National Laboratory,  USA, USA

- Quantum phase transitions in correlated many-electron systems, a variational perspective

Dionys Baeriswyl, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

- Dielectric spectroscopy investigations of 0.4NBT-(0.6-x)ST-xPT solid solutions

Juras Banys, Vilnius University, Lithuania

- Electronic States and Phases Induced by Electric or Optical Impacts.

Serguei Brazovskii, CNRS, Universite Paris-Sud, France

- Surface of Perovskite Manganites and Beyond

Zheng Gai, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

- Application of Magnetocaloric Materials in Thermomagnetic Devices

Sergio Gama, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil

- Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism: theory and experiment

Alexander Golubov, University of Twente, Netherlands

- Domains in Ferroelectric Nanostructures

Marty Gregg, Queen's University Belfast, N. Ireland., N. Ireland (UK)

- Electronic Transport Properties of Ultrathin Ferroelectric Structures

Alexei Gruverman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

- Skin layers in single crystals: impromptu thin films

Catalan Gustau, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

- Magnetic-field switchable metal-insulator transition in a quasi-helical conductor

George Japaridze, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

- Investigations on magnetoelectric multiferroic thin films and nanostructures

Ram Katiyar, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

- Coupled magnetic and electric properties of frustrated   Mott insulators: currents, dipoles and monopoles

Daniel Khomskii, Universitaet zu Koeln, Germany

- Recent progress on magnetoelectrics due to spiral magnetic orders

Tsuyoshi Kimura, Osaka University, Japan

- Ferroelectricity in carbon-based materials: optoelectronic multifunctionality.

Natasha Kirova, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France

- Ferroelectric domain dynamics in ferroelectric ceramics at low and high electric fields regime

Manuel Henrique Lente, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil

- What can infrared spectroscopy tell us about the magneto-electric coupling in multiferroic materials?

Ricardo Lobo, ESPCI-CNRS-UPMC, France

- Domains in functional materials: from fundamental to applications

Igor Lukyanchuk, University of Picardie, France

- Photonic Multifunctionality in Mott’s Type Oxide: VO2

Malik Maaza, iThemba LABS, South Africa

- NANOAFNET: NANOsciences AFrican NETwork

Malik Maaza, iThemba LABS, South Africa

- Short-range order and electronic structure of ferroelectric and multiferroic ceramic materials

Valmor Mastelaro, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

- CaTiO3: a molecular dynamics study

Jose Pedro Rino, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil

- Ferroelectric superconductors

Stephen Rowley, University of Cambridge, UK

- Structurally tuned multiferroic state in BiFeO3-based polycrystalline compounds

Ivair Santos, Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil

- Multiferroics and Nano-domains

Jim Scott, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, UK

- Magneto-dielectric matrix composites for RF and Microwave applications.

Sergio Sombra, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil

- Tuning the electronic properties of perovskite nickelates

Pavlo Zubko, University of Geneva, Switzerland

- Domains and Electrostatic Coupling in Ferroelectric Superlattices

Pavlo Zubko, University of Geneva, Switzerland